Decio Gioseffi and “Perspective as symbolic form”

by Riccardo Migliari and Marco Fasolo

To mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Decio Gioseffi we would like to recall the courageous battle which as a young man he fought to amend Edwin Panofsky’s essay on Perspective as ‘symbolic form’ as
well as the misunderstandings that still affect perspective. As the years passed new elements have been introduced into the well-known querelle, Gioseffi versus Panofsky, in other words the results of several
recent studies on restricted sight and trompe-l’oeil painting and a cultural milieu currently more receptive to reconciling the historical-artistic interpretation of the essay with a scientific interpretation.
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The Mirror at the Origins of Perspective


by Riccardo Migliari, Leonardo Baglioni

Between rhe fìfteenth and mid-sixteenth century, doubt and uncertainty plagued the dawn of perspecrive in Italy, but even more so in France, especially as regards vanishing points. The current study demonstrates how this ambiguity could have originated in observations about the form of perspective images created by mirrors used as a tool to turn real 3D space into rhe 2D space of a plane.

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